Smith Machine Bench Set-Up

In this video Head Coach, Adrian Ball, covers the Set up for a Smith Machine. The smith machine is a fantastic piece of equipment that can enable the safer compelti0n of a variety of more complex exercises. This tutorial is for a bench-press setup.

1: Position the bench under the unloaded bar, ensuring it is straight and the bar touches just below your chest at the bottom position of the movement.

2: Position the bar near the top of the movement, and load it with an appropriate weight.

3: Lift the bar and rotate it to move the safety pins out of the way, enabling the machine to move freely.

4: Lower the bar to the chest under control and push it away again, trying to bring the biceps across into the chest.

Note: The bench can be set at many angles to turn this exercise into an incline or decline press. To set up the machine for other exercises you can follow the same instructions without the bench.

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