Dumbbell Shoulder Press

In this tutorial, Adrian Ball will run through how to successfully complete a Dumbbell shoulder press.

  1. While sitting on an upright bench, hold a dumbbell in each hand and rest them on your thighs. Hoist the dumbbells up so you’re holding them just above your shoulders with your palms facing away from you by giving them a nudge with your thighs. Drive your feet into the floor so that your mid and upper back is pressed against the backrest, push your chest out, and pull your shoulder blades down and together (a good cue for this is to think of pulling your shoulder blades into your back pockets).
  2. Push the dumbbell toward the ceiling until your elbows are almost locked. The dumbbells should naturally drift toward each other as your elbows straighten, but shouldn’t slam together above your head.Remember to keep your shoulder blades “down and back” and your feet on the floor. Keep your mid and upper back pressed into the backrest, and avoid excessively arching your lower back or letting your butt scoot forward on the bench.
  3. Lower the dumbbells until they’re just above your shoulders (the handles should almost line up with your ears) to return to the starting position.

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