Seated Leg Curl

  1. Set Up the Leg Curl Machine:
    • Adjust the machine to your body size by setting the seat height and ensuring that the leg pad aligns with your ankle joint. Choose an appropriate weight on the machine’s weight stack based on your fitness level.
  2. Position Yourself on the Machine:
    • Sit on the leg curl machine with your back against the backrest and your chest against the chest pad. Adjust the leg pad so that it rests just above your heels. Ensure that your legs are fully extended but not locked, and your knees are aligned with the axis of the machine.
  3. Grip the Handles:
    • Grasp the handles on the sides of the machine to stabilize your upper body. Keep your torso still throughout the exercise to isolate the muscles in your hamstrings.
  4. Perform the Leg Curl:
    • Initiate the leg curl by bending your knees and bringing your heels toward your glutes. Keep the movement slow and controlled, focusing on contracting your hamstrings. Aim to bring the leg pad as far as comfortably possible without sacrificing proper form.
  5. Controlled Return:
    • Extend your legs back to the starting position in a controlled manner. Avoid letting the weight stack drop quickly, as the controlled eccentric (lowering) phase is crucial for muscle engagement and strength development. Ensure your legs are fully extended at the end of each repetition.

Remember to maintain proper posture, engage your core for stability, and use a weight that allows you to perform the exercise with good form. Adjust the machine settings to suit your body size and gradually increase the resistance as your strength improves. Include seated leg curls as part of your leg workout routine to target and strengthen the hamstrings effectively.


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