Seated Calf Raise

In this video Head Coach, Adrian Ball, covers the Seated Calf Rasie. The Seated Calf Raise is a great exercise for the specific development of the Calves.

1: Take a seat on the machine and place the balls of your feet on the platform with your toes pointed forward – your heels will naturally hang off. Position your upper leg under the knee pad and allow your hands to rest on top.

2: Extend your ankles and release the safety bar.

3: Lower the heels by dorsiflexing (letting your toes move towards your shin) the ankles until the calves are fully stretched.

4: Extend the ankles and exhale as you flex the calves.

A well-rounded physique needs good calves, ensure to include calves in your routines. Check out the other Leg movements we have available on the site by simply selecting “Legs” in the categories.


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