Bicep Cable Curl

In this video Head Coach, Adrian Ball, covers the cable bicep curl. The cable bicep curl is a fantastic exercise for the isolation of the biceps. It is performed similarly to the dumbbell or barbell bicep curl, swapping free weights for the cable machine.


  1. Stand comfortably with feet firmly placed on the floor.
  2. Attach an appropriate handle to the machine, in the video Adrian uses an EZ curl attachment.
  3. Brace the abdominals, straighten the back, keep the head steady.
  4. Grasp the weight and stand up straight to form our starting position.
  5. Curl the cable weight upward toward the chest. Only your forearms should move, rising up from the elbow. Try to limit the movement of the shoulders.
  6. Hold at the top of the contraction for a pause.
  7. Slowly, unbend the arms at the elbow to let the cable weight return the arms to the lower resting position. Stop before the weights return to the stack, keeping the cable under tension.
  8. Repeat for repetitions


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