Phoenix Coaching Camp

Phoenix Coaching Camp

Phoenix Coaching Camp (launching April 17th)

With the first launch due April 17th, coach A.J is bringing you a 12 week programme  designed to give you the opportunity to excel on your fitness journey and introduce you to the great things that you can achieve alongside a personable and experienced coach.

During this 12 weeks you will have everything tailored to your needs, be part of the Phoenix community, and have access to A.J whenever you need.

You will get:

  • 30 minute consultation
  • Personal Tailored Nutrition Guidance
  • Training Plan built around your goals
  • Weekly check -in’s (to assess your progress)
  • Zoom webinar to kick-start the process
  • Access to the Phoenix Facebook community group & website educational videos
  • A training camp delivered where we will have Dino’s gym all to ourselves for 2 hours
  • Direct contact with A.J whenever you need


Drop and enquiry to book in your consultation. Applications close Sunday 9th April.



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