“After a stint away from the gym and my first daughter being born and a whole load of comfort eating I found myself at the heaviest weight I had ever been I went to Aj after 2 of my friends had got great results from working with him.

I’ve always struggled with eating healthy as I thought it’s the same old boring repetitive food but Aj showed me that it doesn’t have to be and that balance and tracking calories and macros can be quite flexible which was always something I thought was too hard to understand Aj made this simple.

I now understand food a lot more and it will no longer be a diet or a health kick but a lifestyle change as I’ve been shown how to enjoy healthy food and balance my treats.

Thanks to Aj for teaching me about food, training and cardio. He really took the time to tailor my meals and training to me which helped my busy schedule. I would recommend his service to anyone

Look forward to carrying the hard work on through to next year .

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