Lauren Parton

I have been a member of the gym for years but I have never had the confidence to explore new machines and always avoided the “man section”. I stuck to what I knew and would only use the different cardio machines, particularly after injuring my back.  This all changed when I started my sessions with AJ (Phoenix Physiques)

AJ explained the benefits of training different muscle groups and how this would lead me to the results I wanted. He understood my objective and planned sessions to enable me to achieve my goal. He has taught me exercises to strengthen my back and has adapted exercises to ensure my back was protected.

The most important part of a PT session is to feel comfortable, AJ is approachable, friendly and explains everything clearly. He has taken the time to ensure my technique is correct and has pushed me to do what I thought was the impossible.

The knowledge I have gained from AJ has been invaluable and has enabled me to tailor my gym routine in order to achieve my long term goals. I am no longer afraid of the “man section” and now thanks to AJ I have confidence in the gym and new found muscles!

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