Fran Parton

“Having not been able to exercise for over a year due to illness and surgery I was nervous to get back into exercise let alone the gym. Being introduced to AJ has been a true blessing, any perceptions you have of a PT leave at home! 

AJ understood my apprehensions and worked with me to overcome them, tailoring sessions and plans to reach my goals, which at first I thought were unachievable. The main thing I have taken from AJ is knowledge. Understanding the need to do more than just cardio and learning how to use machines and weights safely has given me the tools to be able to change my body, and has been a welcomed break from just the treadmill.

My PT sessions are always fun and challenging, being pushed past my perceived limits has enabled me to push myself in solo sessions. AJ has massively  helped to build my confidence, he provides support in and out of sessions and I would certainly not have achieved my goals without him. “


Fran Parton

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