Becky Bradley

Goal: Knowledge | Achievement: No more weekend binges

“The knowledge, support and education I have received are second to none.”

“After years of yo-yo dieting and never reaching my goals, I turned to Adrian. He simplified everything for me and changed my outlook and attitude towards food. I used to see “naughty” food as the enemy and exercise was only something I did to burn off the food. He helped me retrain my brain into seeing food as fuel.

Adrian helped me realise that I was under eating Monday-Friday and overcompensated on the weekend when I would binge (thinking I was just treating myself). I was sacrificing my training and not building the muscle I wanted due to not feeding my body sufficiently in the week.

As soon as I started following the meal plans Adrian set out for me, I suddenly started seeing a difference in my muscle definition and size as well as being the leanest I had been in years!

Not only is he helping me reach my goal physically, but Adrian also helped me discover my love for lifting weights, something that has truly turned into a hobby. Despite being a classes only girl a couple of years ago.

I’m excited to see where I am later this year, now that I’m currently focusing on feeding my body and optimising my training with the help of Adrian who is constantly pushing me. Seeing my strength increase over the weeks/months is extremely motivating and I am incredibly thankful for all Adrian has done for me. The knowledge, support and education I have received are second to none.”


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