Andrew Sakketos

Goal: Gain Muscle | Achievement: +16lb + Increased Strength

“Having AJ as my trainer has been a phenomenal experience”

“When I first started training I was quite skinny and my overall goal was to gain muscle mass while at the same time remain lean and look somewhat shredded.

Since I had basically zero knowledge and no experience with fitness/gyms in general, it was relatively hard for me to explore various areas of the gym and follow a specific workout routine in order to progress towards that goal.

After training with Adrian, who is, in my opinion, the most approachable and honest trainer. My physique has completely changed. I’ve gained 16lbs of lean muscle and plenty of strength in comparison to where I was at before. In addition to that, I have gained a great deal of knowledge and can carry out training sessions on my own whilst maintaining a very balanced and pleasing diet.

Being a client of Phoenix Physiques and having someone like AJ as my trainer has been a phenomenal experience. He is always available and willing to provide support and knowledge to push me in the direction of my fitness needs.”


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